Classroom FAQs

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Mac not connecting to projector.If all the connections and settings are right and there is no image, replacing the DVI to VGA adapter would resolve the issue most of the times.
Batteries How do I get batteries for remote controls?Call the university service desk at x87337 and choose option 1 for CLASSROOM EMERGENCY and a student assistant will bring in batteries for the remote control.
CablesWhere can we check out the VGA cables from? Call the university service desk at x87337 and choose option 1 for CLASSROOM EMERGENCY and inform the student assistant so that they will be able to bring one to the classroom.
Closed CaptioningHow do I turn on the close captioning?In basic classrooms the (no podium) we can turn on the CC with the help of the CC device which is located below the DVD/VCR.
If the CC device is not present and if the classroom has a EPSON projector then the CC is turned on automatically.
Closed CaptioningHow do I turn on the closed caption using a remote control?On the remote control, look for the button names "Subtitles". Press the button, placing the remote control face the DVD/VCR. This should turn the subtitles on.
Document CameraHow do I get the image from the Document Camera? If you see the NTSC signal on the screen, then its the Iris issue. In this case, for a Wolf Vision Document Camera, this can be done electronically by adjusting the brightness and the image shows up. Make sure to check and adjust the brightness in such case. If its a normal (manual) Document Cameras like Elmo, then it needs to be manually adjusted. Please check if the Iris is open and adjust it accordingly.

If there is you do not see "NTSC" on the screen, please check the connections to the document camera.
DVD/VCRHow do I get an image from the DVD or VCR?Check if any of the cables are unplugged or cut and are hanging down. Also check the RCA - Yellow, white, red cable behind the player.
Equipment CheckoutWhere can I checkout equipment?Classroom services no longer checks out equipment. The IRT Service Desk checks out laptops and projectors.
InternetHow do I connect to the Internet?Check to see if the wireless button is turned off on your laptop. If it is off, turn it on so that you could access the wireless networks on campus.
Laptop SettingsHow do I get the laptop image on the projector screen?Press Fn (bottom row on the keyboard) in combination with
F8(Dell laptops)/F4 (HP laptop) F7(Lenovo laptops)/F5(Toshiba/Acer laptops).

For Apple Laptops :
System Preferences->Display->Detect Displays/Mirror Display(if needed)
LocationWhere is the classroom services located?Classroom Services is located in Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC) 1006.
Logging InHow do I log onto the machine?Check to see if the domain CSUS is selected under the saclink username and then login. Try restarting the system and login which might help the issue sometimes if it is a university laptop. If the problem is not resolved, contact University Service Desk at x87337.
MicrophonesWhere can I borrow a microphone from?Unfortunately, we are not lending out microphones anymore.
No imageAll connections are made, but still no image from laptopMake sure the VGA cable is connected on both the ends. It goes from laptop to the "Monitor input" slot on the interface unit on the wall.
Projector bulbProjector does not project image.Make sure, the little flap for replacing the projector bulbs is closed properly. Sometimes the flap is left open. If it still does not work, call the service desk at x87337 for bulb replacement.
Projector CheckoutWhere can I check out a video projector from?If the professor needs to check out an additional projector, there are requested to contact the Service Desk at x87337, where they can check out video projectors.

Incase the issue is in the classroom where we are not able to resolve the issue, then the Classroom Services will place a temporary projector for the class and ensure that the issue is resolved.
Projector ProblemsHow do I get a signal to the projector?1.Turn the projector on by pressing the button on the wall or podium.
2.Connect the VGA cable to the laptop and the interface panel on the wall (for regular classrooms) or VGA cable from the cable cubby (for advanced/podium classrooms) BEFORE switching on the laptop.
3.Hit the laptop button on the control panel(or)the laptop button on the touch screen in advanced classrooms(the one which have a podium).
4. Turn the laptop on.
5. If the image does not appear on the screen, check the screen resolution under Control Panel/System Preferences->Display->Settings and set it to 1024x768 and hit Identify.

For Apple laptops, use a separate DVI to VGA Adapter for VGA video out.
Projector ProblemsHow do I fix a image that is the wrong color?The VGA cable has to be replaced.
Projector ProblemsHow do I get rid of flickering from the projector?The bulb in the projector needs to be replaced (or)the filter needs to be cleaned which could be done after the class session. We could provide with a temporary cart with projector, DVD/VCR player to continue the class.
Projector ProblemsWhat should I do if the video projector image is flickering/turns blue or pink?Flickering image indicates that the projector bulb needs replacement. Call the university service desk at x87337 and choose option CLASSROOM EMERGENCY and inform the projector model so that a student assistant can replace the bulb as early as possible. If there is a delay for any reason, we can check out a temporary video projector for the class.

If the image is pink/blue, it might be because of the VGA cable at times. Try to use a different VGA cable and if the issue is not resolved, inform the classroom services at x87337 and it will be taken care of.
Remote ControlsHow do I get the remote control to work?Check if the remote control has batteries.
If the batteries are missing then.....
Call the university service desk at x87337 and choose option for CLASSROOM EMERGENCY and inform them about the issue. A student assistant will bring in batteries for the remote control.
Remote ControlsWhere can I get a remote control for projector?Call the university service desk at x87337 and choose option for CLASSROOM EMERGENCY and inform the make of the Projector and a student assistant will bring in a remote control.
Service DeskWhere is the University Help/Service Desk located?University Service Desk is located in Academic Information and Resource Center(AIRC) 2005
SoundHow do I get sound to the speakers?If you are using a laptop, make sure you have an audio jack connected. One end of the audio jack goes from the laptop and the other end to the Audio input slot on the control panel on the wall.
In advanced classrooms( The one which have the podium )you can find the audio jack in the cable cubby.
SoundHow do I turn up the volume?Turn down the volume control buttons on the control panel on the wall by pressing them hard and then turn them up all the way.

If you are in the advanced classroom, turn the volume completely down by rotating the control on the touch screen and then turn it up high.
SoundHow do I get sound from the podium?The sound amplifier takes 30seconds to warm up if it has not been used for a long time. Please wait 30seconds to see if the sound does not come up.

If the audio is from your power point, flash drive, internet, etc. other than the DVD/VCR player; then try to change the mode to DVD/VCR player first so that it could boost up the audio amplifier and then switch it back to the mode where the audio file has to played from.
SoundThe volume buttons on the interface panel are not working.The buttons need to be pressed hard in most cases which resolves the issue.
Touch ScreensHow do I get assistance with the touchscreen?If the touchscreen is not functioning correctly, please contact 8-7337 and select option #1.
Transparency ProjectorWhats should I do if the transparency bulb is blown out? Call the university service desk at x87337 and choose option for CLASSROOM EMERGENCY and inform the student assistant about the issue so that they can replace the bulb immediately.
Wireless MicrophoneHow do I use the wireless microphone?Check to see if the red light is on, on the wireless device. Consider replacing the batteries which will mostly solve the problem.
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